Greetings my name is Bandele pronounced (Bon-da-lay).

I am an emissary of peace, put here to spread L.I.G.H.T.

You can describe me in three words…



(The Good): Inspiring, Prolific, Confident, Dependable, Experienced

(The Bad): Rebellious, Self-Righteous, Jack-Ass



(The Good): Compassionate, Caring, Kind, Empathic, Nourishing

(The Bad): Lustful, Jaded, Bruised



(The Good): Strong, Insightful, Capable, Enduring, Visionary

(The Bad): Stubborn, Unreal, Heavy


Also you NEED to know this…. I am UNFLINCHING about creating the life that I want to live. (Which involves helping LOTS of people, and traveling LOTS of places… I love planes, and I love beaches… anyway.)

Many a man have called me unstoppable, and even more people (men & women) have mentioned a tangible feeling of strength and safety in my presence. I am very grateful for that ability. I have a strong personality, and I’ve learned how to transfer that fire to, and into others.


My experience involves:

Co-founding and leading health & wellness tribes;

One on one motivational coaching for creative professionals & millennials;

One on one motivational coaching for mid-life crisis-ers (Crisis-ers is word now…);

Reminding “losers” of their special gifts and unique insights;

Mentoring young men and teenage boys;

Leading organizational men’s teams;

Creating and leading workshops, on subjects such as holistic nutrition, astrology, and finding your purpose;

Reconnecting city dwellers to mother nature via wellness retreats, foraging, and herbalogy.


If any of this sounds like something you can relate to, or more importantly something you NEED to add to your life, or the life of a loved one. Contact me today!

Like I always say, you DON’T know how much time you have to live…

Why live a single second more of your life in an incapacitated, miserable, or desolate state?

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