You Can Do it!

Embracing S.A.F.E.T.Y.

It’s time for positive affirmation and mental conditioning!

We’ve talk about so much in terms of building and cultivating SAFETY in our life. The last step may not seem so obvious. It’s very simple but easy to forget…

This step is positive affirmation, or better said, YES!

The realization that things are going our way and (even if they’re not) we are free to create a our reality from a confident position. Positioning is everything in life, and it”s not just some physical location.

Positioning is mostly mental and energetic.

Your mind state will determine a larger variety of things in your life. Your level of comfort, confidence, and perceived ability to attain things is all based off your positioning. If you think that’s out of your control, go back and read the articles on Acceptance and start from there…

Remember YOU steer the course of your life!

Things happen as a result of your internal compass. Daily mantra and positive affirmation are KEY when it comes to creating life on purpose, increasing your confidence, and increasing your capabilities.

Keep this in mind when you grab the steering wheel!
Enjoy the ride, and create your life on purpose.

One of the most damaging things to you, your safety, and your journey in life is YOUR PERCEPTION.

Negative self talk is the not-so-silent killer of our confidence, and eventually our dreams.

This week it’s time to practice positivity and use mantra to increase our power!

Some questions to ask yourself…

(After all this work I’ve been doing on Safety…)
What is my deepest fear?

How am I responsible for creating that fear?

What do I need hear to alleviate that fear?
(Then say that to yourself! Over and over, and over again)

Don’t be passive about negativity, it’s sabotaging your safety! In order to manifest on purpose you need to be a self-contained confidence factory.
You can do it!


The sixth component of

Embracing S.A.F.E.T.Y.

Stay Tuned…


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~~~~Spread L.I.G.H.T.~~~~


“Bandele is an amazing coach and speaker. He has such a motivating presence and can easily empower anyone to get on the track to success. He is encouraging and warm with just the right amount of tough love. With his support I was able to get really clear about my path. He believes in human potential and he believes in you!” – Tara Sita

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