Trust is Triumph


Trust is triumph!

Safety is trusting your timing and being comfortable in the speed and pace at which you make your moves.

It’s being confident and sturdy in your decision making power.

Safety is positioning yourself in a place where you cannot be F’d with.

(Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.)

Solidified like a General on higher ground. (Or more realistically, a wellness warrior perched high on holy ground.) That higher ground is achieved by ELEVATION, that ELEVATION is maintained by FORGIVENESS. That FORGIVENESS is attained through ACCEPTANCE. That ACCEPTANCE is preceded by SERENDIPITY.
That’s the process. Always remember all parts of the process to give yourself added leverage, confidence, and TRUST.

Trust is key!

Unfortunately at times, life is like a dead bolted door, a door keeping us locked away from alllll that we want, oh so badly!


Without the keys to life’s door of solutions, often times (and under much frustration, contempt, and impatience), we attempt to pick the lock!

I need my salvation NOW dagnabbit!!!

I know I’ve tried to pick locks many times (and at times, rarely, it worked!) but the reality is this… If the lock pins aren’t aligned, that door ain’t gonna open…

All right, enough with the breaking and entering metaphors, its time for breaking your limitations and entering into TRUST.

TRUST is key!


Here are some questions to ask yourself…

1) Who do I TRUST the most, and what are two specific reasons why?

2a) Where am I most limited in my own life? (Ex. family, work, vices, drugs, mental issues, etc.)

Pick one for now, aim for something that most affects your personal security.

2b) What is one habit I can develop to consistently address that limitation while boosting my self confidence?

3) Who can I involve in this process?

(Oh yea, you want massive change then you’re going to need accountability)


As always find sometime to internalize this thoughts, answers, and solutions. It’s easy to write words on a piece of paper, it’s much harder to trust yourself enough to take action. Well it’s over for the passive you, dive right into…


The fifth component of

Embracing S.A.F.E.T.Y.

Stay Tuned…


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~~~~Spread L.I.G.H.T.~~~~

“Bandele’s positivity has left a lasting impact on me as well as his many acts of generosity and it is because of this that allows not only me but others to confide in him for spiritual security.” – Omar Delcid

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