Elevation is Alleviation

What does that even mean and how does it correlate to safety?

Well I’m glad you asked (because I can read your mind, and I know what you’re thinking)…

Elevation is inspired thinking, mental ascension, emotional upheaval, graduated thought and action!

Let’s also remember that each virtue is leveraged off the one that came before it.
Last week was about FORGIVENESS and the benefits that come from that process, yes forgiveness is a process…

The benefits of that process is releasing yourself from the negativity and lower thoughts that keep you stagnant and in pain.

Once that process is completed (more or less) it is time for ELEVATION.


There is no elevation without forgiveness…

Otherwise you just bring all your problems up with you, and in turn those problems end up bring you back down…
That’s no good! You must master forgiveness to master elevation. In the meantime practice higher thoughts, actions, and understanding,..

Here are some questions to help…

What does it look like when I’m at my highest level of productivity?

Who looks at me like I’m an angel, and what traits are they seeing?

If I could fly, who would I spy on? (That’s a joke, ignore this question…)

What makes me so happy that I spread my joy with the world, and how can I engage in that activity more often?

Find a place where you can meditate, contemplate, and gain some understanding around this question. Reach higher plateaus and mountain peaks safely and triumphantly.


The fourth component of

Embracing S.A.F.E.T.Y.

Stay Tuned…


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~~~~Spread L.I.G.H.T.~~~~


Bandele’s coaching has been a blessing in my life. His ability to listen with empathy and let his students find their own solutions is a rare gift. He has provided me with great advice on how to live a healthier life. I would like to personally vouch for Bandele as a life coach. His work has proven itself!
– Kushal Patel

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