Your perception becomes your weapon!

That seemingly intangible, but highly palpable feeling, that invigorates, refreshes, and stimulates the mind, body, and spirit.

Without inspiration even the most complex and rewarding tasks can seem dull and pointless.


Inspiration is something of a spiritual reminder. It gets inside your core and pushes you from the inside out.

Inspiration can turn a “bum” into a millionaire, or a bad day into a good lesson.

It is our duty to inspire and be inspired, otherwise life becomes dull and repetitive. 

Ask yourself these questions:

Who or what consistently inspires me in my darkest of times?


How often do I connect with, spend time, or focus on that person or thing

that inspires me through those times?

bonus question (for you to ask yourself):

Who is in control of my life?


Do not allow your life to become dull, bland, repetitive, boring, or pointless.

Do not just seek to be inspired, seek to inspire others.

It will make you feel twice as guuud.

Engage in an inspirational activity today. Whether that’s music, dance, or a stimulating conversation with a Holistic Health Ambassador (that’s me).


The second component of

Walking With L.I.G.H.T.

Stay Tuned…


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~~~~Spread L.I.G.H.T.~~~~

It’s so cool to hear how you word things it’s when I get to see some of my influences on you growing up. You’ve been a regal destined for greatness young man since birth and to see you grow into this remarkable man you are today just fills me up with such joy and pride and warmth. – Loren Keli

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