The Most Important Virtue for Your Growth and Development Is…

The Most Important Virtue for Your Growth and Development Is…

Spring is in the air y’all!

At least in the north American northeast… Even though in New York the weather is doing a very weird balancing act between, “Hey its summer!” and “Gotdamn I forgot my jacket!” This weather is just too much sometimes. I think I’ll shed a single tear while playing my harp… Haha I bounce back quick, and every time I see the sun I am reminded that Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner.


My point is this, the sun is up, it’s out longer, and you should be too.

Bring your ideas, goals, dreams, and love out into the light!

Oh yea we were gonna talk about virtues… Ok, we can do that to… I’ll start off by asking you when was the last time you took a long soothing bathe, or donated to charity (time or money), or took a day off to spend time with a loved one…

My question is this, where is the LOVE in your life?

Ahhhhh LOVE, a word covered in ambiguity… Watered down by word wasters, over emphasized by obsessors, and forgotten by those wrapped in the clutches of hatred… Who do you love? Does anybody love you? What does that mean?

To me, love is much more than an emotional tie, and love is much more than a beautiful lie. Love is the culmination of action, insight, and emotional energy conveyed from one person to another. In a broader sense, conveyed from one energy to another energy. You may love to run, so you take on the action of running 5 days a week. You may love astrology, so you read book after book to deepen your knowledge. You may love humanity, so when you see a fellow human hurt or in need, your heart goes out to that person.

Love can be anyone of the three, but love cannot just be a word…. No No No, that will not do… Love is interactive, it is enveloping, and it is real, whether tangible or intangible. Love CAN build bridges, love CAN fix families, love CAN conquer insurmountable odds… But, it cannot do anything for you, if it’s just a word…


So again I ask… (To quote some friends of mine)

“Who do you love…? Are you sure that they know…?”

I suggest you take sometime and figure out a way to let that person know… Now this is where gratitude would greatly help your journey. More on gratitude in the coming weeks. If you’re looking for a way to show some one you love them, and you’re at a lost for ideas, think about contributing something to their life that will inspire them… Inspiration is next… Don’t leave home without it!

In conclusion LOVE is the most important virtue for your growth and development. With the new moon in Taurus take this time to explore the LOVE that you create, and are provided. Start with yourself! Today is tuesday, you’ll have lots of work to do for the week, make sure you approach it with self love.

Explore LOVE for the next five days:

Tues = Self Love

Wed = Romance

Thursday = Family

Friday = Friends

Saturday = Strangers


The first component of

Walking With L.I.G.H.T.

Stay Tuned…


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~~~~Spread L.I.G.H.T.~~~~

“Bandele is an amazing coach and speaker. He has such a motivating presence and can easily empower anyone to get on the track to success. He is encouraging and warm with just the right amount of tough love. With his support I was able to get really clear about my path. He believes in human potential and he believes in you!” – Tara Sita

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